GMO ERA Project phase II steering commmittee member

Dr. Angelika Hilbeck

Senior researcher, Geobotanical Institute

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland

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Biosafety Clearing House Roster of Experts



Project coordinator


Experience / research:

Main research fields:
Biodiversity and nontarget effects of transgenic plants
Consequences of gene flow and introgression of transgenes
Post-commercialization monitoring concepts for transgenic plants
Coexistence of agricultural production systems with and without transgenic plants
Environmental risk assessment and international capacity building (focal countries: Brazil, Kenya, Vietnam) - GMO ERA Project


Project phase I:

Project coordinator, steering committee; coordinated the workshops; editor of Kenya and Brazil books; co-author of various chapters.



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Selected recent publications:

Rovenska, G., R. Zemek, J.E.U. Schmidt, and A. Hilbeck (2005) Altered host plant preference of Tetranychus urticae and prey preference of its predator Phytoseiulus persimilis (Acari: Tetranychidae, Phytoseiidae) on transgenic Cry3Bb-eggplants. Biological Control 33: 293-300.

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