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Phase II of the GMO ERA Project: Vietnam ETT

Second GMO ERA Project ETT workshop in Vietnam

The project held the second Expert Teaching Team (ETT) workshop from May 22-25, in Nha Trang, Vietnam. The workshop covered the environmental risk assessment of biodiversity and non-target impacts. Read more>>

First GMO ERA Project ETT workshop in Vietnam

The GMO ERA Project convened a 3.5 day workshop in May 2006 to build a Vietnamese Expert Training Team for resistance risk assessment and management. Read more>>

Vietnamese scientists trained using GMO ERA teaching tools

In November 2006, four Vietnamese scientists traveled to Australia to participate in a 3-week training course at the Australian Cotton Research Institute in Narrabri. The participants (which included three project core group members) were from organizations in Vietnam that are likely to have responsibility for setting up and running a resistance management research program. Their combined expertise covered molecular genetics as well as skills in running a field program, and an understanding of the population ecology of the pests in Vietnam.
The course facilitators, Drs. Sharon Downes and Rod Mahon (CSIRO Entomology), developed a curriculum that included the GMO ERA Project resistance teaching tools on resistance evolution and management in Bt cotton. The course included intensive "hands on" training in the field and laboratory procedures necessary to monitor for resistance to Bt, such as collecting eggs in the field, maintaining colonies, and running F2 screens to detect Cry1Ac and Cry2Ab resistance.
The final day of the training was devoted to planning the first stages of a Bt resistance monitoring program for Vietnam. A main challenge for the group, and the next step, is to secure funding to support the monitoring work in Vietnam.
The training was organized by GMO ERA Project steering committee member Dr. Gary Fitt, and was funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).




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Vietnamese scientists conducting bioassays at ACRI

Vietnamese scientist conducting a bioassay for resistance monitoring


cotton group, Vietnam ETT workshop

collecting adult insects on rice to screen for resistance